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One of the finest carp fishing lakes

Carp fishing in France at Etang des Flores offers an exclusive carp fishing experience in a stunning location. Our 10-acre lake is set in the heart of nature and is fully stocked with a comfortable number and selection of carp, including mirror, common, grass, leather and koi varieties. As of 29th January 2020, our stock resides at around 250 carp ranging from 25lbs to well over the magical 60lb barrier.

Since we bought this beautiful lake in December 2011, we are proud to have nurtured it to become the ultimate fishing water and certainly one of the best in the region. The lake had been an established carp fishing water since 1998, so we had a great head start.
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More than just a place to fish

Fishing at Flores is not just about beating your friends to the largest fish or smashing your own personal best. It’s about enjoying some of the best carp fishing in France in some of the most unspoilt and idyllic surroundings you can imagine. While waiting for that first fish to bite, you’ll have the chance to spot one of our many wildlife visitors and inhabitants.

From woodpeckers and cuckoos to kingfishers, deer and wild boar, the lake is a natural haven for many wild animals and birds.

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