Flores Carp Experience


  1. No leaders of any kind, Tubing ONLY. This will be checked
  2. Please treat ALL fish’s mouths/wounds when unhooking. This is an absolute MUST
  3. Max 3 rods per angler (no leaving rods unattended at ANYTIME!)
  4. No Long Shank or Barbless Hooks
  5. No Braided Mainline (Minimum 15lb Mono to be used)
  6. No Fixed/Death Rigs
  7. Please dip landing nets in the salt bin outside the shower block prior to fishing
  8. No Chod or Zig rigs
  9. Keep fish out of water for the minimum amount of time possible, especially on hot days/nights. Move carp in WET weigh slings/unhooking mats provided not in landing nets. If any fish are slow to go back please notify the bailiff’s. Do NOT hold fish in slings for more than 10 minutes.
  10. Dispose of litter in bins provided (NOT in the lake or surrounding areas) Leave swim clean & tidy. Ashtrays are also provided
  11. Boilies, pellets & Maize mix is available on site, so please do not bring any with you
  12. No Fires or BBQ’s

Contact us

For all enquiries please call us on 01375 430000, or click here to send us an email enquiry.