Flores Carp Experience

Carp Fishing Experience

14th of October 2022

7 Places remaining

At Etang des Flores, we offer our guests a truly unique fishing experience amidst some of the most beautiful scenery. In addition to our fully stocked lake, we have thought of everything you need while fishing and all within a short walk away or situated at every swim. This means you can simply turn up, set up and be reassured that you wont need to leave your equipment for more than a few minutes to grab some refreshments, have a quick shower or enjoy a bite to est in our dining lodge. 

 All the essentials when and where you need them

Every swim around the lake is served by Wi-Fi and power, perfect if you need to recharge your phone or check Google for the latest weather or catch up on your favorite program! Our shower block has hot running water and we also have a locker room for you to store your belongings safely. Our snack shop is stocked with essentials like sandwiches, crisps, drinks and chocolate, while our dining lodge is perfect for sharing tales with other guests about the one that was "this big" or the one that got away. 

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